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30,000 Thanks!


This week, we are celebrating a significant milestone for the Innovation, Agility and Excellence podcast. 

30,000 downloads since the launch. 

Thank you very much to all our listeners who participated in this significant step for us. 

Every week, we work to produce quality content both on the podcast and in the newsletter to help you have an impact on your organization. 

I thought it would be interesting to take the opportunity to give you an overview of the process of creating the podcast. Question to take a look “under the hood. » 

Who knows, it may give you the idea to get started too! 

Podcast Creation Process

Here are the key weekly activities:

Content Development

  • Identify themes
  • Confirm guests 
  • Read profile, company, activities
  • Prepare questions
  • Define the objectives of the episode
  • Determine the topics to be addressed / by whom
  • Do research
  • Prepare the discussion guidelines 
  • Review the content and flow 


  • Prepare links to the recording platform
  • Check audio/video levels
  • Record interview
  • Record the intro/outro of the episode


  • Import RAW files into GarageBand
  • Do edition 1 – first cut
  • Integrate music
  • Do edition 2 – final
  • Export to MP3 file
  • Write the episode notes
  • Upload the notes

Audio Broadcast

  • Integrate content on Buzzsprout
  • Integrate visuals and notes on the website
  • Write weekly publication
  • Schedule publication
  • Ensure social promotion
  • Follow comments 

Video Broadcast 

  • Extract clip
  • Adjust in FCP or Riverside
  • Add intro/conclusion
  • Publish
  • Follow analytics 

Tech Stack

  • Recording platform and video clip: Riverside
  • Podcast hosting platform: Buzzsprout
  • Audio editing: GarageBand
  • Video editing (complex): FinalCut Pro
  • Email: Convertkit 
  • Database: Notion
  • Project management: Asana


Next Step

When the time is right, we can help you clarify your strategic choices to achieve your business ambitions. 

Schedule a call here to get started!

Thank you for being with us,

Eric L’Heureux