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AI and Humans – Reflecting on collaboration and competencies required for AI


Key learnings from our latest podcast episode

In our latest podcast episode (in French), Arnaud Tonnelé examines the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on leadership and management.

This episode explores how AI is transforming organizational dynamics and the importance of adopting contextual and collective leadership.

Episode 166: IA, Leadership et Management avec Arnaud Tonnelé

Here are five key takeaways from this discussion.

1. Evolution of Leadership

Arnaud Tonnelé notes that leadership is a relational and contextual capability, more than just an individual skill.

He emphasizes the importance of cultivating this collective capability within teams to avoid functional silos often created by traditional human resource systems.

This perspective invites leaders to rethink their leadership development strategies, focusing on collaborative and inclusive approaches.

2. Impact of AI in Business

The adoption of AI in businesses is often seen as a solution to optimize operational efficiency and reduce human friction.

Tonnelé points out that while AI can automate many tasks, it cannot replace the essential human element.

It is crucial for businesses to foster effective collaboration between advanced technologies and human skills to maximize benefits.

3. Correlation Between Engagement and Performance

Arnaud questions the relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance.

He critiques the notion that employee engagement is systematically linked to company performance.

He also highlights the growing role of automated processes in customer satisfaction, which can be independent of employee engagement levels.

4. Adaptation to AI

The rapid adoption of AI is often presented as inevitable, but Tonnelé argues that fears surrounding job loss are frequently exaggerated.

Human skills remain essential, even in a highly automated environment.

Leaders must, therefore, encourage continuous learning and adaptation to leverage new technologies without succumbing to panic.

5. Evolution of Management

Finally, the episode explores how market characteristics and leader personalities influence the evolution of management.

Tonnelé explains that flexibility and creativity are crucial assets in an increasingly automated world.

He encourages leaders to adopt agile, human-centered management approaches to stay competitive.

The episode highlights the importance of maintaining the delicate balance between technology and the human factor. 

Leaders leveraging the combined strengths will certainly find a source of competitive advantage.

And you, how do you take advantage of these new tools? How do you promote the development of new skills and sources of collaboration?



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