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This week, I bring you three excellent articles that challenge preconceived ideas about strategy and the choices that go with it.

Enjoy the read!

Finishing Strategy (R. Martin, April 2023)

Key takeaway: It’s crucial that strategic choices are reflected in daily actions.

“Your strategy is what you do, which may or may not have anything to do with what you say or you write in your strategic plan.”

Martin explains how, in reality, there is often a weak correlation between strategy and the strategic plan. He explores the reasons for this and proposes rethinking strategy as a problem-solving approach to bridge the gaps leading to the achievement of strategic ambition.

These choices should not only align with the strategic planning calendar. They can occur throughout the year (which is necessary).

Why it’s important: Read this to expand your strategic thinking and ensure proper strategic management.


5 Myths About Strategy (S. Bungay, April 2019)

Key takeaway: There are 5 myths to debunk when it comes to strategy.

  1. Strategy is about the long-term
  2. “Disruptors” change strategy all the time
  3. The notion of competitive advantage is dead
  4. You don’t really need a strategy; you just need to be agile
  5. You need a digital strategy

“Thinking about strategy as some kind of long-term commitment can blind you to that need. Strategy is not about the long term or the short term, but about the fundamentals of how the business works: the sources of value creation, the drivers of the cost to deliver it, and the basis of competition.”

“Agility is not a strategy. It is a capability, a very valuable one which has immediate operational benefits, but that cannot permanently affect a firm’s competitive position unless there is a strategist taking the right decisions about where to direct that capability.”

Why it’s important: This is a very interesting article that puts some preconceived ideas about strategy into perspective. These myths are frequently encountered.


How To Make The Whole Organization Agile (S. Denning, July 2015)

Key takeaway: Sometimes, it’s necessary to remember that Agility focuses on customer alignment for value creation.

In this sense, the principles of Lean or even Total Quality are not very distant. They are “Old concepts,” indeed, but they share the same management principles.

“Agile is neither top-down nor bottom-up: it is outside-in. The focus is on delivering value to customers. The customer is the boss, not the manager.”

“The primary goal of making money for shareholders is at odds with the values of Agile where the primary focus is on delivering value to the customer. In Agile, making money is the result, not the goal.”

Why it’s important: The article highlights the success conditions necessary for organizations to be truly Agile.

A reflection that brings us back to the imperative of strategy, where thinking begins with the value created for the customer, along with the change in management style and culture required to get there.


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