How to use Business Model Canvas in a supply chain context

by 2015-04-08Strategy, Supply Chain

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) presented in the book Business Model Generation (Pigneur & Osterwalder, 2010) is a key framework to develop robust business models that maximize value creation. It is also a powerful approach to analyze the competitive positioning of suppliers in addition to the value they can generate.

Before the implementation of a sourcing strategy, it is essential to understand the marketplace, the suppliers, their strengths and weaknesses, and the various alternatives that can lead to the optimization of the spend and the operations.

In this context, using the Business Model Canvas can be very useful. It provides to procurement teams a strategic perspective on the market and a complete vision on the supply chains involved.

On the blog of the creators of the BMC, they present how to use the framework with a supply chain perspective. To learn more: Map Your Business Model Network

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